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How to create style when redesigning and renovating your kitchen, wall units or vanities.

 A kitchen is one of most popular rooms in the house to remodel and update. Renovating your kitchen or bathroom can be very rewarding. In fact, improvements to these rooms often generate the highest return on investment should you decide to sell your home. And if you're not planning to sell, you'll be proud to entertain in the comfort of your newly renovated home. To invite friends into a well designed, comfortable home it is always a pleasure.


Start with a dream. Browse through magazines and collect pictures with elements that inspire you. It'll help your designer understand the look and ideas you're looking for.           

 Project Cost

If you don't have enough information to create a firm budget, let your designer know your range upfront, including the maximum amount you are willing to spend.    


Choose a designer you can trust, one who is willing to work closely with you, your ideas and your budget or you always can get assiste from Alboro Kitchens.  


Good to know ahead if you need a carpenter, electrician or plumber to move walls or appliances, or install a new floor, it always helps streamline process. You and your designer can budget time and money more accurately.         


Confirming the installation date and duration will minimize your time without a functioning kitchen or bathroom. Installation depends on the size and complexity of the renovation, as well as the counter top you choose.


Now it is time to invite your friends and show off your new renovation. We are convinced you will be so pleased with the result that you will tell about Alboro Kitchens!





































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