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Kitchen Design

Alboro Kitchens provide you opportunity to be part of the design process ensuring custom needs are met every step of the way. Get the look that makes your kitchen unique. Customize with glass door inserts,mullion doors and decorative hardware. A personalized proposal with your plans is then produced to enable you to visualized drawings, our designers and cabinetmakers begin the process of hand building the kitchen of your dream!

  We provide full service,in house design for any project. The use of computer-generated drawings help you visualize your kitchen or bath before the start of the construction. Paints,glazes and antiqued finishes will create accents no one will soon forget. The possibilities are endless in creating a warm and inviting environment for family,friends and quests.

  Custom Finishes
  No cabinet project is complete without the right finishing touch. A high quality,durable finish is achieved by 3 coat system with hand sanding between coats. Each finish technique creates a unique furniture look,giving raw beauty,color and depth. Our finishes not only look beautiful and bring out the grain of the wood,but help protect furniture for many years.

  There is no limitation of color combinations. We can offer you unlimited stain and paint colors that you may desire. We can also match any color of paint and stain.

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